Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby Waldorf UNDER $10.00

Here is a half-dozen tribute to Waldorf Baby Stuff under $10!!! Check out these sellers for more information by clicking the links below.

Teethers -

FREE SHIPPING 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND--The GNOT Teether and Clutch Toy-- Sailing Colors--Waldorf Inspired by babus

The Original and Preferred Waldorf Maple Teether by palumba

Baby Teething Toy (Hand Carved Cherry Wood) by canadianwoodcrafts

Balls/Squishy Toys-

upcycled birdies by mosey

Small wool ball CHOOSE FROM SEVERAL COLORS for baby and toddler toy, cat toy by willyandnilly

Crisp Apple - Needle Felt Wool Play Food by PlumsPudding

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